About us

Supreme-Air Scent Marketing & Branding Co. is a Professional Scent Marketing Company, dedicated to helping you create the Ultimate Environment with Ambient Aroma. We help to provide a unique experience with our advanced scent diffusion systems for hospitality, retail, healthcare, entertainment, and residential customers. With the Scent Marketing knowledge we can help you make the transition into the universe of scent branding.
Supreme-Air invites you to browse our several aromas in our Fragrance Collection. Make your mark with a fragrance to get the recognition you need for yourself, clients, visitors, and workers. We know that the correct aroma can build retail deals, cause clients to feel great, lessen representative pressure and improve assurance. It can also improve consumer loyalty and contribute to repeat business. Our private clients simply love the manner in which their homes smell and how it affects them.
We are completely dedicated to environmentally friendly practices in every step of our operations. Our fragrance bottles are 100% recyclable and all item remainders are taken care of by our professionals so as to create the least conceivable effect. We are focused on producing top quality and earth neighborly solutions.
Our company abides by strict rules enforced by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) https://ifrafragrance.org/ was established in 1973, and built up a global Code of Practice and wellbeing measures for the scent business. Individuals from National Associations having a place with IFRA should just utilize aroma fixings that don't represent a hazard to human wellbeing or to the earth under their expected use. Singular organizations fabricating new scent fixings are required to perform broad wellbeing testing under the arrangements of United State and European Union laws.