Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make my Home or Business smell amazing?

 We have different aroma frameworks that spread various measures of regions dependent on area and volume. Our fragrance frameworks can be associated past your HVAC. The aroma frameworks are generally mounted on the divider or put in an available zone extremely near the ventilation work. A little gap is made in the ventilation work, normally no greater than the size of your pinky. The unit is then associated with the ventilation work with a hose that has an immediate association.


  • How do I know what aroma I want to select?

 There is a possibility that you may have experienced one of our aromas at a hotel, retail store, spa, gym, or even a friend’s house! If you did, please call us at 786.394.3066 or send us an email at and we can confirm the scent you experienced.


  • Where is my HVAC unit located?

 Typically, your HVAC can be found in a different room, storeroom, carport, rooftop, or roof. This isn't to be mistaken for the compressor, which ordinarily is situated outside. The unit can be discovered near the indoor regulator much of the time.


  • What will I need to install my unit to HVAC?

 Your Scenting System will come with everything necessary to install. If you are installing HVAC, we recommend having a screwdriver ready to mount the unit.


  • HVAC vs Standalone?

 HVAC implies your unit will be associated with the HVAC and will emit fragrance in all territories the HVAC channels lead to. Standalone unit implies that it very well may be set any place an electrical plug is present.